Regions of Italy

There are twenty regions in Italy, each varying enormously by culture, geography, and style. Locals from each region maintain a strong sense of pride in their culture, identifying as Tuscan or Roman, for example, before Italian.

But all Italians agree that beauty and style are paramount. Before you dive in, take a peek at this handy map to help you get oriented with the many regions of Italy:

Take our quiz see to see which region of Italy you’d fit in with best based on your taste.



What’s your perfect dinner?

Brooke Lark

Your ideal dessert is:

Your ideal climate is:

Raul Taciu

Your favorite kitchen palette is:

Your preferred event is:

Your ideal coffee drink is:

Edan Cohen

Your favorite wine is:

Matthieu Joannon

When traveling, you like to:

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Monica Sharp is a writer and advocate for the arts who has traveled in more than forty countries. She currently lives in Florence, Italy, with her husband and two young children.

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