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How Much Do You Know About Italian Culture?

From vacations to vino, do you abide by the basic rules of the italiani? … Continue Reading

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Six Simple Ways To Add Italian Charm to Your Kitchen

Six Simple Ways to Add Italian Charm to Your Kitchen

Because no one knows better than Italians that the kitchen is the heart of the home. … Continue Reading

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Santamargherita Marble & Quartz For Commercial Uses

French designer, India Mahdavi, creates stunning patterns in Berlin using Santamargherita Marble

The extraordinary work carried out by the French designer shows how the technical and aesthetic features of SM Marble. … Continue Reading

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Gambero Rosso Chooses Santamargherita Quartz for TV Channel’s Countertop

The popular Italian television channel of Sky, Gambero Rosso, has chosen Santamargherita Quartz for its kitchen countertop. … Continue Reading

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Santamargherita In Milan To Amaze, In Stockholm To Get Acquainted

Santamargherita Presents To Architects & Designers In Milan & Stockholm

Italian-Made Santamargherita Marble agglomerate lines were presented to architects and designers in Milan and Stockholm. … Continue Reading

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Santamargherita's State-of-the-Art Warehouse Facilities in Italy - Santamargherita Transforms Ordinary Matter Into Extraordinary Quartz & Marble Surfaces

Santamargherita’s State-of-the-Art Automated Warehouse in Italy

Santamargherita has renewed its warehouse, optimizing in-house stock management with the installation of a new automated system. … Continue Reading

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Santamargherita Presents A Contemporary Classic

Santamargherita is for those who seek elegance, a timeless kitchen, and a modern color. … Continue Reading

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Santamargherita Made-In-Italy Quality

Our Passion For “Made In Italy” Excellence

Santamargherita’s new line has been recognized, and used, by designers and builders. … Continue Reading

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